64. Seeking the Lost

In the refrain of this hymn, unlike many others, the men begin singing and the women echo.

Verse 1:
Seeking the lost, yes, kindly entreating
Wanderers on the mountain astray;
“Come unto me,” His message repeating,
Words of the Master speaking today.

(Going afar………..upon the mountain,)
Going afar………..upon the mountain,………..
(Bringing the wand’rer back again, back again,)
Bringing the wand’rer back again…………………………
(Into the fold……..of my Redeemer,)
Into the fold………….of my Redeemer,………
(Jesus the Lamb for sinners, for sinners slain.)
Jesus the Lamb……………for sinners slain…………..

Verse 2:
Seeking the lost, and pointing to Jesus,
Souls that are weak, and hearts that are sore;
Leading them forth in ways of salvation,
Showing the path to life evermore.

Verse 3:
Thus I would go on missions of mercy,
Following Christ from day unto day;
Cheering the faint, and raising the fallen;
Pointing the lost to Jesus the way.

W.A.O./W.A. Ogden


63. Consecration

Verse 1:
My body, soul, and spirit,
Jesus, I give to Thee,
A consecrated off’ring,
Thine evermore to be.

My all is on the altar,
I’m waiting for the fire;
Waiting, waiting, waiting,
I’m waiting for the fire.

Verse 2:
O Jesus, mighty Savior
I trust in Thy great name,
I look for Thy salvation,
Thy promise now I claim.

Verse 3:
Oh, let the fire descending
Just now upon my soul,
Consume my humble off’ring,
And cleanse and make me whole.

Verse 4:
I’m Thine, O blessed Jesus,
Wash’d by thy precious blood,
Now seal me by Thy Spirit,
A sacrifice to God.

Mrs. Mary D. James/Mrs. Jos.F. Knapp

62. Launch Out

In the chorus, the words in parentheses are echoes of those before. The word “meagre” in Verse 2 retains the British spelling at this point, when words were changing from that system to what became the American spelling.

Verse 1:
Have you toiled all night near the shore in vain?
Push away from the shore, launch out;
Where the flood is deep cast your nets again,
Push away from the shore, launch out;
There a blessing waits for your souls to take,
Haste away from the barren strand,
Toil no more in vain where the surges break;
Launch out is your Lord’s command.

Launch out, (Launch out,) launch out, (launch out,)
Push away from the shore, launch out, (launch out,)
God’s grace flows free, like a mighty sea,
And the Master calls, launch out.

Verse 2:
Have your souls grown faint with the vigil long?
Push away from the shore, launch out;
Put your trust in Christ, He will make you strong,
Push away from the shore, launch out;
Be no more content with a meagre share
From your Father’s abundant store;
Ask Him largely now, He will hear your pray’r,
Launch out on His grace and live.

Verse 3:
Jesus bids today ev’ry weary soul
Push away from the shore, launch out;
Hear His loving voice, He will make you whole,
Push away from the shore, launch out;
Leave the shore of sin with its shallowness,
It has nothing of life to give;
Look to Jesus now who alone can bless;
Launch out on His grace and live.

J.B. Mackay/Jno.R. Sweney

61. Come to Jesus

Verse 1:
From the dazzling seats of glory,
Came the Son of God to die;
Freely gave Himself a ransom,
For a sinner such as I.

Come to Jesus, come to Jesus,
Weary sinner, hear the call;
At the cross lay down thy burden,
Let thy Savior bear it all.

Verse 2:
I was weary–heavy-laden;
“Come to me,” said He “and rest,”
At His feet I laid my burden–
Fell upon my Savior’s breast.

Verse 3:
When I trusted, simply trusted,
Thrilled to life my dying soul;
Praise His name I love to tell it;
Jesus Christ hath made me whole.

Verse 4:
Now He keeps me, ever keeps me,
Close within His arms of love;
Sure the peace my Savior gives me,
Must be like to that above.

J.M.W./J.M. White

60. Trusting, O What Peace!

Verse 1:
A sailor o’er the trackless deeps,
I’m trusting in the Lord;
My Captain will His vessel keep,
I’m trusting in the Lord,
Whatever seas I sail,
However fierce the gale,
I know His mighty love for me
Will never fail.

Trusting, I am trusting, Oh, what peace, sweet peace;
Trusting, I am trusting till life’s moments cease,
And when His face I see, I’ll sing His grace so free,
And tell the list’ning angels ’round, He died for me.

Verse 2:
A pilgrim over paths unknown,
I’m trusting in the Lord;
Led by His guiding hand alone,
I’m trusting in the Lord,
His presence is the light
That makes the day more bright,
He gives the happy melodies,
That cheer the night.

Verse 3:
A sinner saved by grace Divine,
I’m trusting in the Lord;
Eternal promises are mine,
I’m trusting in the Lord,
Here let my soul abide,
Beneath the crimson tide,
Till waking in His likeness there,
I’m satisfied.

E.E. Hewitt/Wm.J. Kirkpatrick

59. The Golden Key

“Prayer is the key to unlock the door, and the bolt to shut in the night.”
Jno.R. Sweney

Verse 1:
Pray’r is the key
For the bending knee
To open the morn’s first hours;
See the incense rise
To the starry skies,
Like perfume from the flow’rs.

Verse 2:
Not a soul so sad,
Nor a heart so glad,
When cometh the shades of night,
But the daybreak song
Will the joy prolong,
And some darkness turn to light.

Verse 3:
Take the golden key
In your hand and see,
As the night tide drifts away,
How its blessed hold
Is a crown of gold,
Thro’ the weary hours of day.

Verse 4:
When the shadows fall,
And the vesper call
Is sobbing its low refrain,
‘Tis a garland sweet
To the toil dent feet
And an antidote for pain.

Verse 5:
Soon the year’s dark door
Shall be shut no more:
Life’s tears shall be wiped away,
As the pearl gates swing,
And the gold harps ring,
And the sun unsheathe for aye.

John J. Hood

58. What will You Do?

The word “meet” at the end of Verse 3 has the older meaning of “fit” or “proper”.

Verse 1:
What will you do with the King called Jesus?
Many are waiting to hear you say,–
Some have despised Him, rejecting His mercy,
What will you do with your King today?
What can you witness concerning His goodness,
Who died to save you from sin’s bitter thrall?
Who will declare Him the fairest of thousands?
Who now will crown Him the Lord of all?

What will you do with the King called Jesus?
What, oh, what will you do with Jesus?
He waits to bless all who humbly confess
Faith in His blood and righteousness.

Verse 2:
What will you do for the King called Jesus?
He who for you left His throne above,
Here ‘mid the lowly and sinful to labor,
Daily unfolding His Father’s love,
Look on the fields white already to harvest,
Who now is willing to toil with the few?
What will you do for the dear Savior, Jesus?
Lo, He is waiting, He calls for you!

Verse 3:
What will you do with the King called Jesus?
Who will submit to His gentle sway?
Where are the hearts ready now to enthrone Him?
Who will His kind commands obey?
Come with your ointments most costly and precious,
Pour out your gifts at the dear Savior’s feet;
Render to Him all your loyal devotion;
Seek to exalt Him by praises meet.

F.G. Burroughs/Adam Geibel
1890 John J. Hood