Great is Our Sorrow, Great is Our Joy

When I was a child and we were coming home from a journey, I often fell asleep and awoke to find that my father had carried me into the house as I slept. This afternoon, my belovéd father-in-law fell asleep to this world at a Texas hospital. Surely, as we are promised, he awoke to find that the Father had carried him into the house.

I meet Donny on my first date with FMP. It was a Sadie Hawkins football game, so I was doing all the paying and driving. While I waited in the living room for FMP, Donny brought over their albino ferret to entertain me. From that moment until the last time I saw him, he treated me as a daughter.

There is a current song that describes my father-in-law’s approach to life; “full throttle, wide open”. He was bigger than life and the epitome of “go big or go home”. When I got a severely short haircut after years of long hair; he patted at my hair, laughed and said I looked like a porcupine. But, when FMP bemoaned the loss of the long hair, Donny turned to him and said, “you have to be who you are”.

We will miss you until we meet again. Tell God we said, “Hi!”. Love!


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