Way to Sneak in Bias, CBS This Morning

I have just listened to this morning’s broadcast of a story about a woman who protected herself and her children by shooting an intruder who entered their home and found their hiding place in a closet. The reporter said that she “shot an intruder who found where she was ‘waiting'”. This word subtlely implies that the victim (who is the woman protecting her children, NOT the intruder) wanted to shoot the man. The victim did NOT want to shoot the intruder, she was not “waiting” in the closet; she wanted him to go away. She was HIDING so that she did not have to confront him. If he had taken things from the house and left, he would not have been injured. He looked for trouble with her and he found it.

I formerly had some degree of trust in this particular newscast. I see now that they are just another arm for people who want to run other peoples’ lives to push their agenda through language. I am not a “gun nut”. My family believes in gun control, but not in the way some want to frame it. Gun control is parents keeping guns away from young children until they are old enough to be taught to properly use them. My father made sure that I knew the rules before I was even allowed to touch a gun. The rules are simple to understand. A ten-year-old can get them:

1. There are NO toy guns.
2. Always treat a gun as if it is loaded, even if you emptied it yourself.
3. Never, ever point the gun anywhere but at the ground until you are ready to use it.
4. Never aim at anything you do not intend to shoot.
5. Never shoot anything you do not intend to kill.
6. If you do not have a clear shot, you do not have a shot. PERIOD.
7. Guns are a tool. They have a purpose. Use them ONLY to feed and protect your family.

The government cannot improve upon this training and should not try to.


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