Closer, Lord, to Thee

Verse 1:
Closer, Lord, to Thee I cling,
Closer still to Thee;
Safe beneath Thy Sheltering wing
I would ever be;
Rude the blast of doubt and sin,
Fierce assaults without within,
Help me, Lord, the battle win;
–Closer, Lord, to Thee.

Verse 2:
Closer yet, O Lord, my Rock,
Refuge of my soul;
Dread I not the tempest shock,
Tho’ the billows roll.
Wildest storm cannot alarm,
For, to me, can come no harm.
Leaning on Thy loving arm;
–Closer, Lord, to Thee.

Verse 3:
Closer, still, my Help, my Stay,
Closer, closer still;
Meekly there I learn to say,
“Father, not my will;”
Learn that in affliction’s hour
When the clouds of sorrow lower,
Love directs Thy hand of power,
“Closer, Lord, to Thee.

Verse 4:
Closer, Lord, to Thee I come,
Light of life divine,
Thro’ the ever Blesséd Son,
Joy and peace are mine;
Let me in Thy love abide,
Keep me ever near Thy side,
In the “Rock of Ages” hide,
–Closer, Lord, to Thee.

E.G. Taylor, D.D. and Geo.C. Stebbins 1887


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