Give Me Thine Heart!

Verse 1:
Wherever we may go, by night or day,
A loving voice within doth gently say:
My son, from ev’ry way of sin depart;
Be Satan’s slave no more, “Give Me they heart!”

“Give Me thy heart, give Me thy heart;
O weary, wand’ring child, give Me thy heart.”

Verse 2:
Slight not that voice so kind, but gladly hear,
And choose the Lord today, while He is near;
He will His pard’ning love to thee impart;
Oh, hear Him calling still, “Give Me thy heart!”

Verse 3:
We may have chosen long from Him to roam,
Yet He will welcome us, if we but come;
Oh, may we not delay, but quickly start–
While Jesus sayeth still, “Give Me they heart!”

E.B. Latta and A.J. Abrey,arr.


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