Be Ye also Ready

Verse 1:
Are you ready, are you ready for the coming of the Lord?
Are you living as He bids you in His word?
Are you walking in the light, is your hope of heaven bright,
Could you welcome Him tonight?
Are you ready?

Therefore be ye also ready,
(therefore) be ye also ready,
therefore be ye also,
be ye also ready for in such an hour,
such an hour as ye think not,
the Son of man cometh.

Verse 2:
Are you waiting, are you waiting for the coming of the King?
Have you bundles of golden grain to bring?
Can you lay at Jesus’ feet any gather’d sheaves of wheat,
There you blessed Lord to greet?
Are you ready?

Verse 3:
Have you risen, have you risen from the heavy midnight sleep?
Have you risen from you slumber long and deep?
Are your garments wash’d from sin, are you cleansed and pure within?
Are you ready for the King?
Are you ready?

Geo.B. Clark and James McGranahan


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