Yesterday afternoon…

…IRP had the last of the surgeries to correct her Hirschprung’s Disease. This is usually done when a child is two or younger. Mild cases may go undetected longer, but only very rarely does the patient reach adulthood without its being detected. Since my family seems to do everything in the most “different” way possible, IRP’s case was not detected until she was out of high school even though we had been searching for the cause of her bowel problems since she was about four.

The years of searching and suffering have taken their toll mentally on IRP and the rest of our family. We are hoping and praying that now we can find help in healing that damage as well so that IRP can go on to live the life God has for her.

Here is a link to a description of Hirschprung’s Disease:

We know that God has a purpose for all things that works out to our good. Perhaps IRP’s problem went undetected so long because He knew when I would be starting this blog and who would be reading it. If just one other child does not have to go through early life with the problems (physical, mental, social and emotional) that IRP had to deal with, her suffering will not have been in vain.


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