The Whys and Wherefors

Several people, my mother included, have asked why I call my blog “In the Ensuing Panic”. Being a rabid reader and the wife of a James Bond fan, I have both read books and seen movies many times where the hero and/or villian starts a crisis as a diversion. Then, s/he makes a getaway “in the ensuing panic”. While I am neither a hero or a villian, strange things seem to happen to me. So, we are perpetually in some state of panic adventure. I will give a few examples for your judgement:

1. By the time I was two, my stomach had been pumped twice; once for taking my great-grandmother’s low blood pressure pills and once for drinking medicated shampoo. My father got into trouble during the latter when he began laughing as bubbles floated out of my mouth.
2. While at Texas A&M, a cadet opened a door for me. On the way through, I caught my heel in a grating and fell at his feet in gratitude. I had to thank him again as he helped me up. He gets extra points for managing not to laugh.
3. Since we had both a boy and a girl, FMP and I decided that we had been blessed enough. So, we bought a 3-bedroom house. We moved in during the month of March. By October, I was pregnant again. Surprise, another boy! Our then 8-year-old was less than pleased to discover that he would have to share his room when the baby was old enough to leave a crib at the end of our bed. RTA suggested that we could instead house CPI in our walk-in closet.
4. Our car was also equipped with only four side windows (we later bought a van). On a trip when CPI was about 5, it was IRP’s turn to sit in the middle. About an hour into the trip, she complained from the backseat, “CPI is breathing my air”. CPI immediately leaned over, inhaled deeply and replied, “YES, YES, I AM!”.

At times, I am convinced that FMP married me simply to see what would happen next. If so, he got exactly what he paid for.


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