Deer Godchild by Marguerite Bernard and Edith Serrell

During both World Wars, America was involved in aiding Europe long before we actually entered the war. This aid took the form of food and other supplies that were not related to the military. As you will read in this book, orphans were often sponsored by an American so that they would receive adequate nutrition.

Deer Godchild was published in 1919 and is a record of the correspondance of a 12-year-old boy with his French “godchild”. The boy wants to earn the money to support his friend by his own efforts. Some, such as polishing doorknobs, seem odd by modern standards; while others, selling newspapers, are still the means of many teenagers earning money. The letters are left just as the children wrote them with grammar and spelling mistakes.

Although they would be rather elderly, there is a chance that the corresponders, James P. Jackson Jr. and Andrée Leblanc, are still living. It is nice to think that they may even have managed to meet in the ensuing years. If anyone knows, would you please tell the rest of us.

Meanwhile, you can hear the story at this link: or follow links on this page to print versions.


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