Rejoice, Rejoice Believer

Verse 1:
Rejoice, rejoice believer,
And let thy joy and glory ever be,
In Him, the Great Deliv’rer,
Who gave Himself a sacrifice for thee.

Rejoice, believer,
Rejoice and sing of Him
who lives forever,
Thy great High Priest and King.

Verse 2:
Rejoice, in thy Redeemer,
Thou hast a place that nothing can remove;
He bids thee dwell in safety,
And rest beneath the shadow of His love.

Verse 3:
Rejoice, rejoice believer,
A home on high is waiting now for thee;
And there in all His beauty,
The King of saints with wonder thou shalt see.

Verse 4:
Rejoice, rejoice believer,
Press on to join the happy, happy throng;
Where soon thy Lord will call thee,
To realms of joy and everlasting song.

Grace J. Frances/Hubert P. Main


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