There is a Name I love

Many of you will know this song and wonder why I have not included the refrain. The hymnal I am currently using, “Gospel Hymns 5&6 Combined”, was published in 1892 and the refrain is not included in it. I do not know if it had not been added to the verses yet, if the publisher just didn’t have room for it or if there was some other reason. I will try to find out and let you know.

Verse 1:
There is a name I love to hear;
I love to sing its worth;
I sounds like music in mine ear–
The sweetest Name on earth.

Verse 2:
It tells me of a Saviour’s love
Who died to set me free;
It tells me of His precious blood–
The sinners perfect plea.

Verse 3:
It tells me of One whose loving heart
Can feel my smallest woe–
Who in each sorrow bears a part
That none can bear below.

Verse 4:
It bids my trembling soul rejoice,
And dries each rising tear;
It tells me in a “still small voice,”
To trust and not to fear.

F. Whitfield/H.W. Greatorex


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