By now,…

…only the completely oblivious will not have noticed that we do things a bit differently here. At the moment, we are trying to raise IRP’s blood pressure to its normal (still rather low) level in order that she may have some pain medication. At the moment, she is at 85/40, not terribly scary, given that her normal runs from 95/50 to 115/65; but the medicine would lower it further and no one wants that. So, I have her awake, sitting up in the bed doing word searches and watching television. Since she is now allowed most regular foods, I have brought her some Starbucks from downstairs. Unfortunately, she has lost her taste for sweets (a major loss for IRP) and is having to drink it very slowly. Please pray that these methods work so that IRP can take the medication. Right now, she is using energy to fight the pain that she could be using to recover. Thank you!

In the good news front, IRP did not have to have any insulin this morning. As soon as she is firmly established on the “soft” diet the doctor has her on, the liquid nutrition will be stopped and the testing for high blood sugar will go away eventually as well. IRP says that the little needles used to test her blood sugar and to administer the insulin hurt the worst of any shots she has ever had. Since she has wide experience with needles, I believe her.

IRP sat up for some time yesterday and walked one lap around the longer hall on this floor. She has also been up to the bathroom instead of having to use the bedside facilities. IRP is getting stronger every day, even if she sometimes doesn’t think so. The infection specialist would still like to see her either stay here until she no longer needs intravenous antibiotics or go to a skilled nursing facility. Since he estimates it will only be about 10 days, I am hoping IRP can just stay here, but we will have to see what the insurance says.


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