He Holds the Key

Verse 1:
He holds the key of all unknown,
And I am glad;
If other hands should hold the key,
Or, if he trusted it to me,
I might be sad,
I might be sad.

Verse 2:
What if tomorrow’s cares were here
Without its rest?
I’d rather He unlocked the day,
And, as the hours swing open, say,
“My will is best,”
“My will is best.”

Verse 3:
The very dimness of my sight
Makes me secure;
For, groping in my misty way,
I feel His hand; I hear Him say,
“My help is sure,”
“My help is sure.”

Verse 4:
I cannot read His future plans,
But this I know:
I have the smiling of His face,
And all the refuge of His grace,
While here below,
While here below.

Verse 5:
Enough; this covers all my wants,
And so I rest;
For, what I cannot, He can see,
And, in His care, I safe shall be,
Forever blest,
Forever blest.

Rev. John Parker/Geo. C. Stebbins


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