O Glorious Fountain

Verse 1:
Beneath the glorious throne above,
The crystal fountain springing,
A river full of life and love,
Is joy and gladness bringing.

O glorious fountain now flowing so free,
O fountain of cleansing opened wide to me.

Verse 2:
Through all my soul its waters flow,
Thro’ all my nature stealing;
And deep within my heart I know
The consciousness of healing.

Verse 3:
The barren wastes are fruitful lands,
The desert blooms with roses;
And He, the glory of all lands,
His lovely face discloses.

Verse 4:
My sun no more goes down by day,
My moon no more is waning;
My feet run swift the shining way,
The heavenly portals gaining.

Verse 5:
Oh, depth of mercy! breadth of grace!
Oh, love of God unbounded!
My soul is lost in sweet amaze,
By wondrous love confounded.

Rev. F. Bottome/James McGranahan


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