O Rock of Ages

Verse 1:
My soul at last a rest hath found,
A rest that will not fail;
A sure and certain anch’rage ground
In Christ within the vail.

O Rock (O Rock) of Ages cleft for me,
In Thee (In thee) my soul securely hide;
My tow’r of strength, I fly to Thee,
And safely there abide.

Verse 2:
I’ll hide me in this refuge strong,
From ev’ry stormy blast;
And sit and sing until the waves
Of wrath are overpast.

Verse 3:
Ye comfortless and tempest-tost,
By sins and woes opprest,
Ye tempted, troubled, ruined, lost,
Come find in Christ your rest.

Verse 4:
Ye thirsty, from this smitten Rock
Life’s crystal waters spring;
There hide from ev’ry stormy shock,
And rest, and drink, and sing.

Rev.H.L. Hastings/Hubert P. Main


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