Hallelujah, Bless His Name

Verse 1:
O brethren, rise and sing,
Make hallelujahs ring
To our Almighty King,
And bless His name.

Hallelujah, (Hallelujah,)
Hallelujah, (Hallelujah,)
Hallelujah, bless His name, (Hallelujah,)
Hallelujah, (Hallelujah,)
Hallelujah, (Hallelujah, Hallelujah,)
Hallelujah, bless His name!

Verse 2:
He wins for us the fight,
He makes our darkness light,
All dreary doubts take flight
When He appears.

Verse 3:
No lack or want have they
Who make the Lord their stay;
New strength for every day
His grace supplies.

Verse 4:
O trust Him then to guide,
And for His own provide;
Should weal or woe betide,
Trust to the end.

M. Fraser/James McGranahan


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