Following Fully

Verse 1:
One day the Shepherd passed, and turning, said,
Come, follow me;
What wonder that in haste I rose,
So kind was He!

Verse 2:
He led me through green pasture land,
By waters still;
With such a Guide, who would not follow,
Go where He will?

Verse 3:
From out no other eye had ever beamed
Such love on me;
Good Shepherd, lead, and I will follow
Hard after Thee.

Verse 4:
Black clouds were gathering on a blacker sky, the
World all so drear;
Upon the night wind rose the cry of
One in great fear.

Verse 5:
Dear Lord, the darkness falls upon me,
I cannot see;
My feet are stumbling on the mountains,
Oh! succor me.

Verse 6:
And soon there came a loving call in answer,
“Be not afraid;
Mine eye shall guide the blind ones, and the weary
Mine arm shall aid.”

Verse 7:
None ever perished following Jesus fully,
No, never one;
The weakest lambs are carried in His bosom, and
Brought safely home.

M. Fraser/M.A. Sea.


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