The Eye of faith

Verse 1:
I do not ask for earthly store
Beyond a day’s supply;
I only covet, more and more,
The clear and single eye,
To see my duty face to face,
And trust the Lord for daily grace.

Then shall my heart keep singing
While to the cross I cling;
For rest is sweet at Jesus’ feet,
While home-ward faith keeps winging.

Verse 2:
I care not for the empty show
That thoughtless worldlings see;
I crave to do the best I know,
And leave the rest with Thee;–
Well satisfied that sweet reward
Is sure to those who trust the Lord.

Verse 3:
Whate’er the crosses mine shall be,
I will not dare to shun;
I only ask to live for Thee,
And that Thy will be done;
Thy will, O Lord, be mine each day,
While pressing on my homeward way.

Verse 4:
And when at last, my labor o’er,
I cross the narrow sea,
Grant, Lord, that on the other shore
My soul may dwell with Thee;
And learn what here I cannot know,
Why Thou hast ever loved me so.

Rev.J.J. Maxfield/W.A. Ogden


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