O Come to the Saviour

Verse 1:
O come to the Saviour while now He is calling,
O come while there’s mercy and pardon so free;
O trust in His grace, He will keep thee from falling,
And strength to o’ercome He offers to thee.

O come, come to the Saviour,
O come, come while you may;
O come, come to the Saviour,
He’s tenderly calling today.

Verse 2:
There’s no other name among men that is given,
There’s no other way to be saved but this way;
O trust in His mercy; too long hast thou striven
With sin and with self; O come while you may.

Verse 3:
The door of His mercy is now standing open;
O hasten and enter, for “Yet there is room;”
For if you reject Him, this word He hath spoken,
That where He now is “Ye never can come.”

Verse 4:
And he that believeth, the promise is written,
Is saved thro’ the blood of the Crucified One;
The Spirit is pleading; O will you not hasten,
And find in His love a refuge and home.

Words arr./J.J. Lowe


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