Tenderly Calling

Today, I have been posting here for a year. Thanks for stopping by!

Verse 1:
Turn thee, O lost one, careworn and weary,
Lo! the good Shepherd is calling today;
Seeking to save thee, waiting to cleanse thee,
Haste to receive Him, no longer delay.

Tenderly calling, patiently calling,
Hear the good Shepherd calling to thee;
Tenderly calling, patiently calling,
Lovingly saying, “Come unto Me!”

Verse 2:
Still He is waiting, why wilt thou perish,
Tho’ thou hast wand’red so far from the fold?
Yet, with His life-blood, He has redeem’d thee,
Wondrous compassion that cannot be told!

Verse 3:
List to His message, think of His mercy!
Sinless, yet bearing thy sins on the tree;
Perfect remission, life everlasting,
Thro’ His atonement, He offers to thee.

Verse 4:
Come in the old way, come in the true way,
Enter thro’ Jesus, for He is the Door;
He is the Shepherd, tenderly calling,
Come in thy weakness, and wander no more.

F.J. Crosby/Ira D. Sankey


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