Waiting at the Door

Verse 1:
I am waiting for the Master,
Who will bid me rise and come
To the glory of His presence,
To the gladness of His home.

They are watching at the portal,
They are waiting at the door;
Waiting only for my coming,
All the loved ones gone before.

Verse 2:
Many a weary path I’ve traveled,
In the darkest storm and strife,
Bearing many a heavy burden,–
Often struggling for my life.

Verse 3:
Many friends that traveled with me
Reached that portal long ago;
One by one they left me battling
With the dark and crafty foe.

Verse 4:
Yes, their pilgrimage was shorter,
And their triumphs sooner won;
Oh, how lovingly they’ll greet me
When the toils of life are done.

Mrs. K.M. Reasoner/T.C. O’Kane


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