Beseechings of Jesus

Verse 1:
O tender beseechings of Jesus!
How sweetly they fall on the ear!
O gospel of grace and of kindness,
God’s love and compassion bro’t near!

Is the Spirit of Jesus striving?
His warning, my brother, obey;
Resist not His gracious beseeching,
O grieve not the Saviour away.

Verse 2:
Beseeching in love for our Saviour,
Unworthy we pray in His stead;
Believe in the word of forgiveness,
Accept of the ransom He made.

Verse 3:
Beseeching His blood-bought, His ransom’d,
Your bodies to Him gladly yield,
That, in you, and thro’ you, and by you,
His grace may be fully revealed.

Verse 4:
Beseeching the saints to be holy,
Fill’d always with meekness and love;
Like Jesus so gentle and lowly,
Reflecting the light from above.

Verse 5:
Beseeching that all for His coming
Unshaken may ever remain,
And stand with the sav’d and the chosen,
With Him in His glorious reign.

El Nathan/James McGranahan


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