Wonderful Love!

Verse 1:
O Lord, my soul rejoiceth in Thee,
My tongue Thy mercy is telling;
I’ve found Thy love so precious to me,
My heart with its rapture is swelling.

Wonderful love! O wonderful love!
I’ll sing of its fullness forever;
I’ve found the way that leadeth above,
The way to the live giving river.

Verse 2:
I came to Thee o’erburdened with care,
My guilt with sorrow confessing;
‘Twas love, Thy love, that banish’d my fear,
And gave me for sadness a blessing.

Verse 3:
To Thee, my hope and refuge divine,
My faith is fervently clinging;
And ev’ry hour some token of love
New joy to my spirit is bringing.

Verse 4:
I look beyond this valley of tears,
Where Thou, a mansion preparing,
Wilt call me home forever with Thee,
The bliss of the glorified sharing.

Grace J. Frances/Hubert P. Main


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