Coming To-Day

Verse 1:
Out on the desert, seeking, seeking,
Sinner, ’tis Jesus seeking for thee;
Tenderly calling, calling, calling, calling,
Hither, thou lost one, O come unto Me.

Jesus is calling, Jesus is calling;
Why dost thou linger? why tarry away?
Come to Him quickly, say to Him gladly,
Lord, I am coming, coming to-day.

Verse 2:
Still He is waiting, waiting, waiting;
O what compassion beams in His eye!
Hear Him repeating, gently, gently,
Come to thy Saviour, O why wilt thou die?

Verse 3:
Lovingly, pleading, pleading, pleading,
Mercy, though slighted, bears with thee yet;
Thou canst be happy, happy, happy;
Come ere the lifestar forever shall set.

F.J. Crosby/Jno.R. Sweney


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