Singing with Grace to the Lord

Verse 1:
Come into His presence with singing,
O worship the Lord with a song,
A tribute of gratitude bringing,
To Him to whom praises belong;
But oh, while you join in thanksgiving,
With voices in tuneful accord,
Remember He watches your living,
And sing with your hearts to the Lord.

Singing, singing,
This is true worship and love;
Living, singing,
This is accepted above.

Verse 2:
Not yet as the angels in heaven,
May mortals their gratitude sing;
Not here upon earth is it given,
Perfection of service to bring;
But earnest and true adoration,
The heart in the hymn and the pray’r,
Will be an accepted oblation,
And lighten life’s burden and care.

Verse 3:
Then come to His courts with rejoicing,
And join in the chorus of praise;
The pray’r and the anthem but voicing
The thanks which your loving hearts raise;
With grace in your hearts even duty
Will change into pleasure ere long,
And seeing the King in His beauty,
Your life shall then be as a song.

J.H. Johnston/James McGranahan


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