Verse 1:
The living God, who by His might
Spake but the word and there was light,
Hath promised now to show His grace
To sinful men, in Jesus’ face.

In Jesus’ face! in Jesus’ face!
O wondrous sight! O wondrous grace!
The living God through sin concealed,
In Jesus’ face is now revealed.

Verse 2:
This mighty Christ, so strong and true,
Has come from God, His work to do;
He comes with power the soul to save,
To give the vict’ry o’er the grave.

Verse 3:
In Jesus’ face our God we know,
And trust in Him to bear us through;
He will not leave us to defeat,
But make our victory complete.

Verse 4:
When darkness gives the soul distress,
When sorrows on our pathway press,
One look at Him will clouds displace,
While comfort beams from Jesus’ face.

Verse 5:
Then come, ye weary ones, and rest;
Come, sinful souls, and here be blessed;
Within your heart give Christ His place,
And see God’s love in Jesus’ face.

El Nathan/James McGranahan


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