Stretch Forth Thy Hand

Verse 1:
“Stretch forth thy hand,” thy palsied hand,
Fear not, it is thy Lord’s command;
Seek not from Him to hide thy sin,
Confess, and ask to be made clean.

“Stretch forth thy hand,” on Christ believe,
“Stretch forth thy hand,” the pow’r receive;
He offers grace so full and free,
“Stretch forth thy hand,” He speaks to thee.

Verse 2:
“Stretch forth thy hand,” thy empty hand,
No gift of thine will God commend;
The empty hand that shows thy need,
Of this alone will He take heed.

Verse 3:
“Stretch forth thy hand,” thy helpless hand,
Upheld by God, thy soul shall stand;
Fight not in thine own strength the foe,
But trusting Jesus, onward go.

Verse 4:
“Stretch forth thy hand,” thy dying hand,
When thou shalt come to Jordan’s strand;
Thro’ all the billows Christ shall guide,
And bring thee safe to Canaan’s side.

El Nathan/H.H. McGranahan


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