Work for Time is Flying

Verse 1:
Work, for time is flying,
Work with hearts sincere;
Work, for souls are dying,
Work, for night is near;
In the Master’s vineyard,
Go and work today;
Be no useless sluggard
Standing in the way.

Verse 2:
In this glorious calling,
Work till day is o’er;
Work, till evening falling,
You can work no more;
Then your labor bringing
To the King of kings,
Borne with joy and singing
Home on angel’s wings.

Verse 3:
There where saints adore Him,
Where the ransom’d meet,
Joy they show before Him,
Bowing at His feet;
Hear the Master saying,
From His heav’nly throne,
When thy toil rewarding,
“Laborer, well done!”

Horatius Bonar/Geo.C. Stebbins

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