Let us go Forth

Verse 1:
“THE” call of God is sounding clear,
O “CHRISTIAN,” let it reach thine ear;
“ENDEAVOR” now of souls to bring
A “BAND”to love and serve the King.

Let us go forth, the call is clear,
Let us go forth, no tarrying here;
For Him to live, the Christ, the Lord,
A crown from Him, our high reward.

Verse 2:
Let us go forth, as call’d of God,
Redeem’d by Jesus’ precious blood;
His love to show, His life to live,
His message speak,His mercy give.

Verse 3:
Let “Christ alone” our watchword be–
The Son of God who made us free;
He bore our sins, He makes us pure,
For His name’s sake we all endure.

Verse 4:
The Christ of God to glorify,
His grace in us to magnify,–
His word of life to all make known,
Be this our work, and this alone.

El Nathan/James McGranahan


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