I Cried to God

Verse 1:
I cried to God, I cried, He heard;
In day of grief I sought the Lord;
All night with hands stretch’d out I wept,
My soul no comfort would accept.

Hath God forgotten to be kind?
His tender love in wrath confined?
My weakness this, yet faith doth stand
Recalling years of God’s right hand.

Verse 2:
I thought of God and was distressed;
Complained, yet trouble round me pressed;
Thou holdest, Lord, my eyes awake;
So great my grief I cannot speak.

Verse 3:
The days of old I called to mind,
The ancient years when God was kind;
I called to mind my song by night;
My musing spirit sought for light.

Verse 4:
Will God cast off for evermore?
His favor will He ne’er restore?
Has grace forever passed away?
Or, doth His promise fail for aye?

Psalm 77/W.S. Marshall


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