Thee will I Love

Verse 1:
Thee will I love, O Lord, my strength,
My fortress is the Lord,
My rock, and He that doth to me
Deliverance afford.

My God, whom I will trust,
A buckler unto me,
The horn of my salvation, too,
And my high tow’r is He.

Verse 2:
The Lord is worthy to be prais’d,
Upon His name I’ll call;
And He from all my enemies
Preserve me safely shall.

Verse 3:
In my distress I call’d on God,
Cry to my God did I;
He from His temple heard my voice,
To His ears came my cry.

Verse 4:
I therefore will to Thee, O Lord,
In songs my thanks proclaim;
And I among the heathen will
Sing praises to Thy name.

Psalm 18/ James McGranahan


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