Wake, Brethren, Wake!

In leafing through this new hymnal, it appears that many, if not most, of the hymns in it are new to me. Since part of the purpose of this blog is to preserve and share the hymns of our faith, I am quite happy that this is the case.

Verse 1:
Hark! ’tis the watchman’s cry–
Wake, brethren, wake!
Jesus Himself is nigh,
Wake, brethren, wake!
Sleep is for sons of night,
Ye are children of the light,
Yours is the glory bright,
Wake, brethren, wake!

Verse 2:
Call to each wakening band,
Watch, brethren, watch!
Clear is our Lord’s command,
Watch, brethren, watch!
Be ye as men that wait,
Always at their Master’s gate,
E’en tho’ He tarry late,
Watch, brethren, watch!

Verse 3:
Heed we the Master’s call,
Work, brethren, work!
There’s room enough for all,
Work, brethren, work!
This vineyard of the Lord
Constant labor doth afford:
Yours is a sure reward,
Work, brethren, work!

Verse 4:
Hear we the Shepherd’s voice,
Pray, brethren, pray!
Would ye His heart rejoice?
Pray, brethren, pray!
Sin calls for ceaseless care,
Weakness needs the Strong One near
Long as ye tarry here,
Pray, brethren, pray.

Anon./Geo. C. Stebbins


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