Launch Away!

Verse 1:
On life’s sea, amid its tempest,
Wreck’d ones sink and die:
Lo, we man the Gospel Lifeboat,
Summoned by their cry!

Launch away! the signal rises!
Face the stormy wave!
Jesus watches o’er the billows,
Jesus waits to save.

Verse 2:
Who will cross the stormy waters?
Who for Christ will go,
Braving fear and deadly danger,
Saving friend and foe?

Verse 3:
Brother, near thy side we linger,
Hailing, warning thee:
Leap for life! ’tis now or never!
Christ, thy Saviour, see!

Verse 4:
Leave the wreck! it sinks beneath thee!
Leave thy worthless all!
Life is better far than riches,
Leap at mercy’s call!

Verse 5:
Must we leave thee, clinging, dying?
Brother, trust this hour!
Praise the Lord! He grasps thee! saves thee!
Rescued by His power.

Will Luff/Geo. C. Stebbins


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