Thy Light is Come

The double “l” in wonderful is not a typo; that was the spelling in 1888.

Verse 1:
Give thanks unto God who is able and willing
To save to the uttermost all who draw near;
To send out His light, their redemption fulfilling,
While his wondrfull love shall dispel ev’ry fear.

Arise! arise!
Arise, for thy light is come!
Arise! arise!
Arise for thy light is come!
The light of truth
To lead thee home;
Arise! Oh! arise, for thy light has come!

Verse 2:
Sweet hope in the home of the drunkard hath risen,
Where the darkness of sorrow too long held its reign;
He hath cast off his fetters, and burst from his prison,
And the sunshine of joy fills his heart once again.

Verse 3:
Then banish the wine-cup, and seek for a blessing
From Him in whose might you alone can prevail;
For they who will seek Him, their weakness confessing,
Shall have strength to resist all the foes who assail.

Miss M. E. Servoss/Dr. H. R. Palmer

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