True-hearted, Whole-hearted

As you can see, “allegiance” was once spelt with one “l” and and “e” where the second “a” is now. From the preceding sentence, you can also see that I favor an older style of verb past tense. As you might have guessed from my posts, I am a linguist. I love language in all of its legitimate (unbiased and unoffending) forms and variety.

Verse 1:
True-hearted, whole-hearted, faithful and loyal
King of our lives; by Thy grace we will be
Under the standard exalted and royal,
Strong in Thy strength we will battle for Thee.

Peal out the watchword! silence it never!
Song of our spirits rejoicing and free;
Peal out the watchword! loyal forever,
King of our lives, by Thy grace we will be.

Verse 2:
True-hearted, whole-hearted, fullest alegience,
Yielding henceforth to our glorious King;
Valiant endeavor and loving obedience,
Freely and joyously now would we bring.

Verse 3:
True-hearted, whole-hearted, Saviour all-glorious!
Take Thy great power and reign there alone,
Over our wills and affections victorious,
Freely surrendered and wholly Thine own.

Verse 4:
Jesus is with us, His rest is before us,
Brightly His standard is waving above;
Brothers, dear brothers, in gathering chorus,
Peal out the watchword of courage and love.

Frances R. Havergal/Geo.C. Stebbins


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