The Wayside Cross

The verse to this is meant to be sung as a solo with the choir beginning the refrain as s/he holds the last note of the verse.

Verse 1:
“Which way shall I take?” shouts a voice in the night,
“I’m a pilgrim awearied, and spent is my light;
And I seek for the palace that rests on the hill,
But between us a stream lieth, sullen and chill.

Near–near thee my son, is the old wayside cross,
Like a gray friar cowled, in lichens and moss;
And its crossbeam will point to the bright golden span,
That bridges the waters so safely for man,
(Last stanza only)
That bridges the waters s safely for man.

Verse 2:
“Which way shall I take for the bright golden span
That bridges the waters so safely for man?
To the right? to the left? ah! me! if I knew–
The night is so dark, and the passers are few.”

Verse 3:
“See the light from the palace in silvery lines,
How they pencil the hedges and fruit-laden vines–
My fortune! my all! for one tangled gleam
That sifts through the lilies and wastes on the stream.”

C.L. St.John/Dr. H.R. Palmer


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