Awake! for the Trumpet is Sounding

Verse 1:
Awake! for the trumpet is sounding;
Awake! and to duty away;
The voice of our Lord cries “Onward;”
The call let us gladly obey.

No truce till the foe is conquered:
No laying the armor down:
No peace till the battle is ended,
And victory wins the crown.

Verse 2:
That crown of rejoicing is promised
To those who endure to the end;
Who faithful, with courage undaunted,
The cause of the Master defend.

Verse 3:
Gird on you the sword of the Spirit,
With helmet, and breastplate, and shield;
The Son of the Highest your Captain,
Go conquer or die on the field.

Verse 4:
Then forward, O army of Zion,
With hearts that are loyal and brave;
Stand firm by the Cross and its banner,
Your strength in The Mighty to save.

F.J.C./Wm.P. Sherwin


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