Take the Step, my Brother

Verse 1:
Brother, at the threshold standing,
See you not the open door?
And the Saviour’s hand extended,
Reaching out to help you o’er?

Oh, take the step, my brother, take it;
Oh, take the step, and yield to God;
Arise! and Christ confess as Saviour;
Oh, take the step and trust His word, and trust His word.

Verse 2:
See the banquet-hall of mercy,
See thy seat that vacant stands;
Think of loved ones waiting for thee,
See them now with beck’ning hands.

Verse 3:
Keep thy Lord no longer waiting,
He hath died thy soul to win;
Let His love, thy heart constraining,
Lead thee now to enter in.

Verse 4:
Just a step–will you not take it,
While in prayer to God we bow?
Will you not, your sin forsaking,
Trust in Christ and trust Him now?

Mary More/J.H. Burke


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