Look up, O Watchman!

The word “vails” in Verse 2 is not a mis-spelling; it used to be an alternative to “veils”.

Verse 1:
Look up, look up, O watchman!
Fast wane the hours of night;
The mountaintops already
Are fring’d with golden light;
The promised day is breaking,
When every tongue shall sing,
And every tribe and kindred
Shall hail Messiah King.

Awake, O harp of glory,
On Zion’s towering hill,
And let thy chords exulting
Send forth a mighty thrill.

Verse 2:
Look up again, O watchman!
Still brighter grows the scene;
Each star beholds the morning,
And vails its silver sheen;
The powers of sin are falling
Beneath the Spirit’s sword,
And distant nations flocking
Around their conquering Lord.

Verse 3:
Now lift thy voice, O watchman!
And join the choral song;
God’s Holy Word must triumph,
Nor will the time be long;
The Cross of our Redeemer,
Held up by faithful hands,
Shall banish heathen darkness,
And rend its tyrant bands.

Grace J. Frances/Hubert P. Main


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