Onward and Upward

Another instance of “today” in transition from two words to one.

Verse 1:
Onward and upward and forward to-day,
Onward, renewing thy strength in the way;
Upward, tho’ rugged and steep be the hill,
Forward, the word of the Lord to fulfill!

Refrain (divided with half singing the plain text and the other half that in parentheses):
Onward and upward, with carols, with carols of praise
(Onward and upward, Onward and upward with carols of praise)
Angel-like anthems in pilgrim-like lays;
(Angel-like anthems, Angel-like anthems in pilgrim-like lays;)
Mountain and valley shall echo, shall echo thy song,
(Mountain and valley, mountain and valley shall echo thy song,)
Onward and upward, it is not for long.
(Onward, yes, onward and upward, it is not for long.)

Verse 2:
Onward and upward and homeward the while,
Upward, thy sunlight the Saviour’s own smile;
Onward His presence thy shade from the heat,
Homeward, for home after exile is sweet!

Verse 3:
Onward and upward be strong in the Lord,
He is thy shield, thine eternal reward;
He is gone forward thy place to prepare,
Homeward thou goest to dwell with Him there.

Dr. H.R. Palmer


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