Awake! Arise!

Verse 1:
Awake! arise! put on thy strength,
In beauteous garments clothe thou now;
From death and darkness rise at length,
With starry crowns adorn thy brow;
From dust and ashes rise to joy,
Let songs of praise thy lips employ.

Behold! the Lord shall comfort Zion with endless joy;
And all His people shall in praise their time employ.

Verse 2:
Awake! arise! and shine in light,
No darkness now enshrouds thy feet,
With smiles and gladness, and delight
Thy Lord and Royal Master meet;
In majesty and honor rise,–
Behold! the morning gilds the skies.

Verse 3:
Break forth and sing delightful strains,
For God has heard thy contrite prayer,
The Balm of Gilead soothes thy pains,
For thee Jehovah’s arm is bare;
The watchman lifts his voice ad sings,
While God His own to Zion brings.

Verse 4:
Depart, depart, and leave thy sin,
Nor go by haste, nor leave by flight,
For God His own shall welcome in,
For thee the Lord of hosts will fight;
Break forth and sing, O desert place,
The King of Zion comes to bless.

Rev. F.G. McCauley/T.C. O’Kane


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