“Quit you like Men!”

In this instant, “quit” has the following meaning (dictionary.com): to acquit or conduct (oneself) and “appal” has the older spelling.

Verse 1:
“Quit you like men!” Life’s battle lies before you:
Will you prove traitors to your Prince above?
Will ye desert His standard floating o’er you–
The bannered Cross of Jesus’ dying love?

Faithful and loyal, Master, may we be,
Living or dying, faithful still to Thee.
Serving the Christ, and serving Him, forever
From Satan’s bondage He will set you free.

Verse 2:
“Quit you like men!” Heaven’s victor-voices call you;
Oh, be ashamed of all your coward shame:
Let not the fear of man of man or fiend appal you;
They always win who fight in Jesus’ name.

Verse 3:
“Quit you like men!” No longer slaves of passion;
led by your lust or Mammon’s selfish greed!
No more enthralled by some unholy fashion,
Freed by God’s Son, then are ye free indeed.

Verse 4:
“Quit you like men!” Be true to your true nature;
Are not our bodies temples of our God?
Grow up in Christ to manhood’s fullest stature,
Tread in the steps the Perfect Man hath trod.

Verse 5:
“Quit you like men!” “Behold the Man!” that liveth,
And once was slain, that ye may live to God;
Take to your hearts th’eternal life He giveth–
Peace, pardon, pow’r He purchased with His blood.

W. Hay M.H. Aitken/G. Waring Stebbins


2 thoughts on ““Quit you like Men!”

  1. This was our memory verse for the letter “Q” this week but I had never heard of the hymn associated with it before. So glad to have been introduced to it now! Thank you so much for doing this blog. This isn’t the first time I’ve discovered treasures like this on your site.

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