Verse 1:
After the show’r, the tranquil sun:
Silver stars when the day is done.
After the snow, the emerald leaves:
After the harvest, golden sheaves.

Verse 2:
After the clouds, the violet sky,
Quiet woods when the wind goes by.
After the tempest, the lull of waves;
After the battle, peaceful graves.

Verse 3:
After the knell, the wedding bells,
Joyful greetings from sad farewells.
After the bud, the radiant rose;
After our weeping, sweet repose.

Verse 4:
After the burden, the blissful mead:
After the furrow, the waking seed.
After the flight, the downy nest;
After the shadowy river–rest.

F.C.A./Ira D. Sankey


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