I’m almost Home

Verse 1:
I’m almost home! My pilgrim feet
Have trod the desert’s weary road,
But soon they’ll walk the golden street,
Within the Paradise of God.

I’m almost home! I’m almost home!
I soon shall reach my long-sought rest.
I’m almost home! Oh, glorious home!
A home forever with the blest.

Verse 2:
I’m almost home! These flowing tears
Will soon be dried and cease to start
And I shall enter into life,
And feel the tempter’s power no more.

Verse 3:
I’m almost home! The toilsome strife,
The conflict here will soon be o’er,
And greet the friends my heart holds dear,
Who watch and wait for me to come.

Verse 4:
I’m almost home! The rolling wave
Of Jordan’s stream will soon be past–
I’ll sing the power of Christ to save,
And shout, “I’m home! I’m home at last!”

John Scott, D.D./G. Waring Stebbins


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