The Wings of the Morning

Verse 1:
There’s a light that is shining in darkness,
While we wait for the dawning of day;
And it cheers us along on our journey,
Till the shadows shall vanish away.

Oh, we wait and watch for the dawning,
The day of eternal bliss;
There we’ll take the wings of the morning,
And fly away to our rest.

Verse 2:
From the sure word the prophets have spoken,
There is light flashing forth thro’ the gloom;
For the Scripture can never be broken,
And the King in His glory will come.

Verse 3:
Now we sing ‘mid the darkness and shadows,
And we pray and we watch for the dawn;
Till the Day-star, in glory arising,
Shall betoken the coming of morn.

Verse 4:
We are not of the night nor of darkness,
Let us walk, then, as children of day;
So our weeping shall be for a moment,
And our joy shall not vanish away.

Verse 5:
From the hilltops the watchers give warning,
It is high time from sleep to awake;
For the night is far spent, and the morning
Soon o’er earth in its splendor shall break.

H.L. Hastings/Geo. C. Stebbins.

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