No. 1 Would You Have Your Life All Sunshine

I am beginning a new hymnal today, “Welcome Songs” published in 1894 by David C. Cook Publishing Co., 36 Washington Street, Chicago. This hymnal has a Preface, which reads as follows:
The need of a thoroughly good and inexpensive song book for Sunday Schools and Young People’s Societies, has induced us to prepare “Welcome Songs”.
This book contains the usual number of hymns and tunes of the ordinary song collection.
The price is far below that of any similar book.
It is bound in compact and lasting form. (my note-it is about the size of a 3″ X 6″ card and the binding is still tight)
It is largely a book of songs for young people.
It contains many choice old pieces, such as, “Shall we Gather at the River?” “Dare to do Right,” “Yield not to Temptation,” “Kind Words Can Never Die,” “Angry Words,” “Scatter Seeds of Kindness,” “Jesus the Light of the World,” “There is Sunshine in my Soul,” etc.
It contains a selection of new pieces, from upwards of 1,300 original hymns written expressly for our Sunday-school publications, and some of the best from late song collections of other publishers.
Also a goodly number of pieces written expressly for the book.
David C. Cook
T. Martin Towne} Editors

Verse 1:
Would you have your life all sunshine,
Do you want its worries o’er?
Yield yourself to Jesus fully,
Trust His love and want no more.

Come, then, come into the fullness
Of the light of Jesus’ love,
Yield your life to His blest guidance,
You shall dwell with Him above.

Verse 2:
It will brighten all life’s grieving,
It will gild its clouded sky;
It will make its pains your glory,
Smiling, you shall dare to die.

Verse 3:
Have you time to give to love Him,
For communion by the way?
Take Him, then, as your companion,
Keep Him with you all the day.

Verse 4:
Do you long for rest and heaven,
He your rest and heaven shall be
Cast on Him your every burden,
Rest in Him eternally.

David C. Cook/T. Martin Towne


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