No. 13 Say No!

Here you have it, the first “Just say, No!” campaign. Also, apparently little girls were not considered at risk since manliness was the virtue extolled in those who said, “No!”.

Verse 1:
If on some pleasant Sabbath day,
A playmate unto you should say,
From Sabbath School let’s stay away,
And spend the hour in fun and play.

Just say, No!
A good, round, hearty No!
By this, true manliness you’ll show,
And honor God by saying No!

Verse 2:
If Satan ever passing by,
Should tempt to tell the smoothest lie,
Deceive your parents on the sly,
Don’t stop to argue what or why;

Verse 3:
And so of ev’ry path of sin,
Your feet are prone to wander in,
For if the crown of life you’d win,
An evil habit ne’er begin;

O.D. Sherman/C.E. Pollock


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