No. 18 Never Mind

I really need the message in this hymn today. When I started this blog in 2013, I did not even own this particular hymnal. God, however, knew exactly when I would need this song and led me to buy the book that provided it.

Verse 1:
Did you hear the angry word?
Never, never mind;
Let it be as never heard;
Never, never mind.
‘Twill but rankle in the breast,
‘Twill but break thy spirit’s rest,
Cast it from thee, that is best,
Never, never mind.

Verse 2:
Have you plann’d and toil’d in vain?
Never, never mind;
Loss sometimes is highest gain,
Never, never mind.
Honor is not bought and sold,
Character is more than gold,
These are yours, a wealth untold,
Never, never mind.

Verse 3:
Does the east wind rudely blow?
Never, never mind;
Does the north wind bring the snow?
Never, never mind.
‘Twould be south or ‘twould be west,
If thy Father tho’t it best,
Face it like the vane, and rest,
Never, never mind.

Verse 4:
Is the future all unknown?
Never, never mind;
Thou wilt never be alone,
Never, never mind.
Turn above thy weeping eyes,
Heav’n is watching thro’ the skies,
Trust the love that never dies,
Never, never mind.

Rev. Henry Burton, M.A./T. Martin Towne


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