No. 33 Christ is All the World to Me

Verse 1:
My soul is now united
To Christ the living vine;
In loving bonds I’m plighted,
To ever grow and twine.

Christ is all the world to me,
And His glory I shall see,
And before I’d leave my Jesus,
I’d lay me down and die.

Verse 2:
Soon as my love I gave Him,
He pressed me to His breast,
My life in happy union
With Him shall ever rest.

Verse 3:
He is my blest companion,
My sorrows all are o’er,
I’ve found a heav’nly portion,
‘Tis joy for evermore.

Verse 4:
I’ve tasted heav’nly pleasure,
I need not fear a frown,
Christ is my joy and treasure,
My glory and my crown.

(Old Tune, “Annie Laurie”)/Arr. by T.M.T.


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