No. 35 Come Into the Light

Verse 1:
Children of the light, why stay in the darkness,
Stumbling along in its gloom and night?
Come to the light, it is shining so brightly,
Come out of the darkness, come into the light,

Come into the light,
Shining so bright,
Shining for thee, for thee;
It will brighten thy light,
It will lighten its strife,
It will fill thy soul with joy.

Verse 2:
Children of the light, Jesus calls you to follow;
Darkness and night fade away at His sight;
Pleasures await, and a bright crown of glory,
Leave all your follies, come into the light.

Verse 3:
It will change your dullness to brightness and beauty;
Even the teardrop shall glitter as gold;
Shadows of earth shall vanish in noon-day,
Warmth and comfort exchange for your cold.

D.C.C/David C. Cook/Harmonized by T.M.T.


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